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Support Too Close to Vomit
with yr hard earned money

People often invest in things in the hopes of making a profit: stocks, currencies,slot machines, etc. It is our belief that you is should invest in non-profitable things. This means giving money to artists, musicians and others in need when you will receive absolutely no return.

Music is a very rough business to be in these days. People do not buy records. Streaming doesn't pay. Touring is modest and comes at a loss for many. What's more the flexible schedules needed to practice, record and tour often lock musicians out of reasonable jobs. Many successful musicians we know that draw large audiences live in their cars. For us, equipment repairs and maintenance are a major cost we cannot keep with and creates huge delays in our work. And then there's food, travel and rent. Being a full time musician requires support.

Bands can function sustainably only with the support of those stable enough to not be in bands. If you would like to support our band, there are several ways you can do so.

First, we've opened a store: Artichokes for Dinner. All purchases you make there support us. The designs are by us and your purchases make it a sustainable business that helps stay a float. And when you do, all sorts of internet algorithms light up that may bring in more customers. So this is an excellent means of support.

Second, we are looking for grants. Maybe you can help us find them. Or if you feel that we make music that should and have a decent income to, consider providing us with a recurring grant to contribute to our incomes. Music is unprofitable so it is up to people like you to step in and help bands directly. Just email me via the contact section of this website

And/or lastly, consider just making a small donation. Here are some donations buttons so you can make a one-time or recurring donation, large or small, which really helps a lot

The world needs bands. They have to exist. Music takes on the autocratic governments of the world. Think of how jazz challenged racist norms and encouraged integration, as did rock n roll later. Madonna took on misguided standards on female sexuality. And Public Enemy brought knowledge to the is masses. Even when they doesn't say so explicitly, music and art are critical parts of progressive societies.

Hence your support allows us to continue and focus. A key idea of ours is we should do unprofitable things. Do things that come at a loss and you get in a little trouble for. People always want to know what they get in return for spending money. Our belief is the return is small cakes. Invest in an artist today.